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Electric Stimulation for Everyone!

What is Electric Stimulation?

Electric Stimulation is a therapeutic wellness modality that uses Electrical Stimulation Machines to provide appropriate electrical currents that enhance and supplement the body’s immunity and ability to regenerate.

How does Electric Stimulation work?

White blood cells usually carry charges that electrocute pathogens in the body. Many studies since early 1930s have proven this fact. Oxygen deprivation in cells cause serious health issues and enhance pathogenic activity due to lack of correct electric currents in the body. One prominent study found that the currents were absent in granulocytes of sufferers of chronic granulomatous disease and under conditions of low oxygen. As you can see there is a strong relationship between oxygenation and body’s cellular voltage. This voltage is necessary for the body to work effectively. The essential sodium/potassium pump also works on a similar principle. You can supplement it with Electric Stimulation using AC currents for microbial action or DC current for regenerative effects.

This works the other way as well, when we are under stress or under an attack from an infection, body’s biological current responds and starts depleting. To restore health, it is necessary then to supplement this charge to fight off the invasion and rebuild. You could use pharmaceutical remedies but they almost always have side-effects. Certain supplements such as Organic Sulfur or Colloidal Silver can help to a certain extent, but the fundamental action is electric and electromagnetic, using pure energy has faster acting effects.

Respected Dr. Bob Beck proved that by using electricity at gentle levels proved “to render the bacteria, virus, parasites and/or fungus ineffective to infect or affect the normally healthy cells while maintaining the biological usefulness of the blood or other fluids.”.

Another great scientist who inspired us, Dr. Robert O. Becker, the father of electro-medicine, stated: “It is now evident that a wide variety of waveforms, pulse shapes, frequencies, and current densities will give considerable pain relief.” Three applications in particular have gained government approval. One is the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) device used for sports injuries and pain relief. A second is Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) units. CES devices have proven effective as therapy for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even addictions. This new study done in Malaysia with more than 100 patients, used Microcurrent as an adjunct therapy to accelerate chronic wound healing and reduce patient pain successfully.

And thirdly, the use of pulsed magnetic fields is becoming widely accepted for healing. PEMF has found wider acceptance after studies proved that it can be used for grafting non-union bone fractures with a very high success rate. One of the most accepted studies is this one.

While electric stimulation modality, TENS has gone mainstream, we found that none of the TENS units out there did anything close to what Bob Beck & Dr. Becker did, in fact they seem to be doing the exact opposite by using higher frequencies and extending treatment times to benefit practitioners alone.

What drives life is a little electrical current, kept up by the sunshine. All the complexities of intermediary metabolism are but the lacework around this basic fact. ~ Albert Szent-Gyorgi

The World’s Strongest Electric Stimulation Machine Featuring 9.6 Hz Squarewave, 4 pads and an AC/DC setting.

Designed & Developed by EarthPulse™, a pioneer in Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy since 2002, The Earthpulse™ E-Stim is an electrical stimulation machine that’s designed and administered in a way that’s better than most electric stimulation units out there today.

It is the only Electrical Stimulation machine strong enough for shoulder, hip, or knee with an AC/DC switch allowing you to not only use AC (like Beck but stronger) but also DC (like Becker microcurrent). There is no other DC Electrical Stimulator in the market today. Puts the stimulation strong enough where it is needed specially well in cases of bike spills, dog bites or gun shot wounds.

The Electrical Stimulation Loved by Experts!

Worldwide, wellness and fitness experts have recommended EarthPulse™ PEMF for ergogenic performance enhancement and Longevity benefits. Just as our widely accepted & world’s favorite PEMF devices, our newest electrical stimulation machine was well tested by strongman Eric Fiorello. He interviewed two more experts, Jon Bruney & Dr. William Wong about the effectiveness of the E-Stim electric stimulation machine. Hear excerpts from the interviews below, you’ll learn just how incredible EarthPulse™ electrical stimulation is!

Whether the application is electrical nerve stimulation, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, microcurrents or building immunity and cellular regeneration, the EarthPulse™ E-Stim is an all purpose electrical stimulation machine that will deliver benefits for years to come.

That’s pretty much it, comes with 30-day full money-back guarantee and costs only $399, works better than electrical stimulation machines that cost 10 to 20 times more!

Get acquainted with Dr. Bob Beck & Dr. Robert Becker’s work to understand what electrical stimulation developed by us is capable of. Buy now or learn more about our electrical stimulation machine to get started!